Interview. British MP: proud of how Meloni is confronting France, unacceptable attacks

Daniel Kawczynski for La Voce del Patriota: interview with British Conservative MP between monarchy, Brexit and immigration. A special mention of Giorgia Meloni, who is getting things going in Italy

La Voce del Patriota flies to London to tell how British patriots are experiencing the coronation of King Charles III and exclusively interviews House of Commons MP and Conservative Party member Daniel Kawczynski, who welcomed us to his office across from Big Ben. The MP is served on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in the last parliamentary term and was previously Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Wales. He has also served on the select committees on international development, justice and environment, and food and rural affairs. In the last legislature he was also appointed as the Prime Minister's Envoy for the Polish and Eastern European Diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Good afternoon and thank you for being here even at such a hectic time. What is the mood in the city on the eve of the coronation of the future King Charles III?

Very exciting. We are very proud of the fact that we have a royal who is head of state, because he's not political. We think that the head of state should represent the whole of the country, representing it without any political vibe. And that's why we always maintain a royal family, not only for the purposes of equilibrium in the country, but also in the Commonwealth, which represents 56 countries, one-third of the world's population. Now that we left the European Union, we want to turn the Commonwealth into something more tangible, becoming a world economic bloc based on free trade and low fares. So, we will need a King who will bring together all of these countries, so we can try to create something mutually beneficial.

So, do you think that now, after Brexit, it will be easier to realize the project of a more realistic and meaningful commonwealth, also and especially for all the people who are part of it? And do you think that today the monarchy can support this project?

Yes. The 80 percent of the debates, the problems that we had was related to the European Union. I want you to know that we handed over 800 billion pounds to the European Union. 8000 billion pounds in net contributions.  Quite extraordinary as the European Union is moving towards the c reation of a supranational state, trying to impose its rules and its regulations, trying to interfere to the internal process, to the sovereignty. So, we want to reguard the lines to the Commonwealth to create a new and big economic bloc in the world. We are also joining the CPTPP, which is the largest trading bloc in the world. We are very proud of that. And we need a king who will be in charge to try to put the Britain at the centre of a new Commonwealth, which is predicated on free trade and also maximum exchange between peoples. What I objected most to our membership of the is that we gave automatic access to the people from other countries.

Explain it.

We think that anybody who cross our borders, who has the privilege to enter our labor market, to access to our services, that man or that woman should be assessed for their skills set, for their linguistic abilities, for their abilities to convince a British company to employee them. Each man or woman should be assessed about their own attributed skills set rather than where they come from. We believe that the European Union immigration policy, the free movement of people, is racist. It is pure racism, because it favors or harms one over the other.

On the issue of immigration, a memorandum was recently signed between Prime Minister and Prime Minister Sunak. What are your thoughts on this?

Well may I just say that the way on which the President Macron has denigrated the Italy, and the way in which he has condemned madame Meloni is completely unacceptable. Italy is being completely coming under arising pressure for illegal immigration, especially from Libya and Sub-Saharan Africa. And it seems that European Union just expects to the Italians deal with this theirselves. I've listened to Meloni speaking and I am very proud of how Prime Minister Meloni is dealing with France, and I would like to mention that what is happening in Ventimiglia is that it is France that is rejecting immigrants.

Because they think that the migration crisis is mainly affecting their territory.

Amazing, isn't it? So, on the one hand they want the free movement of the people but when it comes to illegal , they want to push them back across the borders of the Italy. Italy is being threatened in the most disrespectful way in my opinion. Italy is so close to the Northern Africa, particularly Lampedusa, and it's extremely difficult to prevent the huge number of people coming. And it doesn't seem to me that the European Union has any solution or any intention of helping the Italian state to deal with this issue.

We also remember that Italy has brought the migrant issue forward to the European table. Prime Minister Meloni directly addressed the Council and the European Commission for concrete, effective and immediate answers.

I think exemplifies the mantra that if you want to talk about something, elect a man. If you want something doing, bring a woman. Men like to talk; women like to take action. That's the difference.

Italy is one of the greatest economies in the world, the greatest culture, the greatest history. We're extremely respectful of the italian nation. Italy has an invaluable heritage in terms of food, culture, language, people, and on top of that it has cutting-edge sectors such as technology, textile industry and tourism. It is therefore one of the largest producing countries in the world. But it must be independent and sovereign. And finally premier Meloni gets the things done.

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