EXCLUSIVE. Global Compact: the EU secret document that makes it mandatory

The first page of the top-secret document of the European Commission

We are the first information website in Italy to anticipate the existence of a secret document of the European Commission that talks about the binding effects of the Global Compact on all countries, even those that have not signed it, by abstaining or voting against it. You can find the article here.

Only , leader of the political party “Fratelli d'Italia”, has announced that she will fight this attempt to go against the will of the European peoples. She announced it here.

Today, exclusively, we can reveal the entire content of the document written in English with the subject “The legal effects of the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by the UN General Assembly”.

The exclusive document. Thanks to the independent MEP Janice Atkinson, who anticipated it on TheRebel.media, we have a copy of this document, which we believe to be of fundamental public interest, so it is available at the end of this article, in pdf format.

They lied to us about the Global Compact. Atkinson told us that: “Our politicians lied when they said it wouldn't be legally binding, this document proves that it is. It is already enshrined in certain areas of EU law“.

The content of the document. Drafted in 53 paragraphs, by the Italian-born bureaucrat, Lucio Gussetti, who is Director and Principal Legal Adviser for Foreign and Security Policy and External Relations European Commission, this document is a legal opinion that tends to show that the Global Compact for Migration is binding for the European Union based on principles contained in the treaties. The Legal Service of the EU Commission usually produces this kind of opinions, usually as a request of the Commission higher-ups, seldon as an independent initiative. Therefore, it is clear that there is a political will that aims to bring the Global Pact for migration back through the back door, as a “hidden legislation”.

The secrecy clause of the document

Paragraph 46: the Global Compact is legally binding. Flipping through pages, after a long sequence of premises, legal quotations, casuistic references and sentences, in the document of the EU Commission is written that: “It must be, therefore, concluded that the GCM has legal effects as it is able to decisively influence the content of the legislation adopted by the EU legislature” .

The hidden legislation. This “opinion” of the EU Legal Service is a precious evidence of how the elites, through a technique that we could call “hidden legislation”, manage to take a non-legally binding text, like the one on the Global Compact in this case, making it a reference for subsequent legal acts that incorporate it, and make it legally binding in fact. Legal opinions, references to generic “rights”, values and principles, in the attempt to transform the dominant classes desires into law, even when explicitly rejected by “sovereign” peoples. A devious, anti-democratic and lethal practice for popular sovereignty, demonstrated in this document. In fact, the text explains that by adopting the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, will consequently lead to the adoption of the Global Compact.
Finally, the document reaches conclusions that are unbelievable, developed in paragraphs 46 to 53. Briefly, it is stated that the European Union should feel bound to the Global Compact, even though it is not a UN member, because the delegation of the European Union doesn't have the same powers of a Member State. Eventually, the document states that the EU countries must only cooperate and comply with the principles of the Global Compact, because a fragmented situation will not be allowed.
Therefore, according to the principles of loyalty and collaboration, the States of the European Union should conform to the will of Merkel, aligned and covered, to welcome Africa into Europe, without the opportunity to reply. Once again, not respecting the popular will and sovereignty. The European elections next May will increasingly look like the “mother of all battles”.

To view the Global Compact Document produced by the Legal Service of the EU Commission click here.

Or download it from here

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