Recovery, Meloni: failed attempt of the European liberticide establishment, Poland and Hungary forced other governments to common sense

“The European establishment's attempt to liberticide on the “rule of law” failed. The governments of Poland and Hungary, led by Morawiecki and Orban, forced to common sense the other European governments, who would have liked to introduce a completely arbitrary instrument to sanction governments not welcome and not aligned in Brussels. The agreement provides what Fratelli d'Italia, the European Conservatives and all intellectually honest people have always demanded, namely that any violations of the “rule of law” be raised in an objective, legally founded and non-discriminatory way. The ideological position of the left and the utilitarian position of the frugal governments have made Europe waste too much time: now we can finally start working on the implementation of Next Generation ”.

This was stated by the president of Fratelli d'Italia and Party, Giorgia .

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